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Arrested for making a gesture?


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The Police have warned Newcastle fans against making Nazi salutes to make fun of DiCanio in their derby match this weekend.

Has the world gone mad? You can be arrested for taunting the opposition manager now?

When did the Nazis take over Britain?


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If this was at Bradford,I would imagine the bloke with the tannoy would have a field day :
"Would the people in the main stand,on the far right,please refrain from gesturing at Mussolini Di Canio "

The Fear

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Wow. Amazing. Thought we had freedom of speech.

My mistake.

Goodness me, is there nothing better to be doing!?


If the whole ground does it, they would look foolish making a few token arrests, I will not be turned away from my game by petty bureaucrats, I was raised with what my old man called the British attitude, what followed was a lecture on what it meant to be British, but what it all really boiled down to was "fuck you!"


The Fear

A Wise Man (once sat next to him)
I've been training my right arm not to rise in such a fashion but the training isn't going well !!!!!!!!!!!!!! :14: