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Are You Interested in Politics?


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I was reading through Newsthump and it occurred to me that politics and politicians are the butt of most of their jokes. It's a satirical website and politicians usually make themselves easy targets but it does seem disproportionate so I had a check through a couple of newspapers and the same theme exists.

In comparison to how much my friends and family in the UK are interested in politics, it seems to get an astronomical amount of coverage in the media. Perhaps my friends and family aren't representative of the UK in general. So, are you interested in politics?

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Only certain aspects as far as I'm concerned. Haven't got the inclination to take it on 100%. I don't have time and find a lot of it quite boring, but when it comes to national importance, that's when I like my penneth worth.

Besides, Villa is enough for me.....

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Yup, studied Gov and politics at Uni.

People who say they aren't interested in politics make me laugh because politics is all around us.

I understand some aren't interested in the politicians or the workings, that I get, but politics is the price of stuff, the economy, the quality of the air we breath, the tax we pay, even how we are or aren't allowed to marry etc.

So yes, I am.


Do I talk about it much? No, because most people aren't interested! Or aren't interested in talking to me full stop! :3:



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Yes interested but not like I used to be because the political land has changed so much. It's all about spin, acting and trying to out do each other today. That is every single party of the main stream 3 and the others aren't great either.

I don't hold with UKIP either. Too extreme on their beliefs and another bunch of tossers in my view

I still read about it but none of them have any conviction anymore. They are all the same

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Yes, they count on most of the population being ignorant. So just out of spite i won't be.

I won't be voting ukip as they are fake libertarians. They are not that interested in rolling back the state. And for all their talk about individual freedom and liberty i don't see anything in their manifesto that supports it.

Seems to me they want to build a British military industrial complex. Not good.


Im interested in Politics within Britain and Europe but not so much on the world stage/US etc.

The thing that annoys me though is that we have lived in our house for 22 years and not once in all that time has a candidate knocked on our door asking for our vote.

The nearest we came was when I was washing the car on the drive and the Tory MP was in our road and as he walked past he asked who I was voting for , and I said Labour and waited for him to try and convince me otherwise , and was ready for a good debate, but he just shrugged his shoulders and kept on walking.

What a way to carry on.

The machinations of politics fascinate me though , the spin and nuances . Pienaars politics show on Sunday evenings on 5 live is a really good listen.


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As soon as they open their legs to talk,I find myself either becoming very annoyed or feeling sleepy.
If any of them told the truth,I would be more interested in listening to the lying, hypocritical, in it for themselves,kids in a playground, tossers.
I`m not very good with words,but you probably get the gist of it.


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Never voted - never will.

Children playing at business - whilst sucking the life out if the country for a fast buck, I'm sure not all are a joke but I'd say a high percentage are corrupt and only care about what they get out of it.


ASPINALL - 22/5/2013 06:23

Never voted - never will.

"I'm sure not all are a joke"
Exactly why you should vote, so that the ones that are not a joke get your voice. The state of the country is down to the people within and who you elect to run it.


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Not voting does not work. I read recently only 41% of the adult population vote. That is why we have the same tossers all the time. If the other percentage voted for somebody different it is over for them. They must love it, they get to stay on the gravy train because most people are not interested.