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Are you a Licker or not ?


Vital 1st Team Regular
I`ve just had lamb chop with spuds,carrots and cabbage,smothered in thick gravy and mint sauce.
I couldn`t resist.I just had to lick the plate clean.
I probably get this from my Father,who would lift the plate up and drink the gravy,then lick it clean.(Not in public of course).

So I was wondering how many others are dirty lickers ?


Vital Football Legend
Unfortunately, I have a massive nose and plate licking is just impossible.

Although I would mop up any surplus gravy with a nice slice of bread.



I am the same as Heath, i always lick my puddings clean mainly but if there is an exceptionally scumptous meal with mint sauce and gravy i would probably be licking tbh i luv mint sauce man absolutely beautiful,


Vital Football Legend
Not only do I occasionally lick the plate, but sometimes I leave the fork upturned and the knife facing outwards.

Only in the comfort of my own home I hasten to add.