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Are Pboro having a laugh?

The Poacher

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6.5 million for one of their players!!!
As reported by NEP.
IMO not sure if this is a good bit of business as with other targets still wanted by AK this could potentially put us back in either umbongo or FFP.


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Hes a business man. He is again selling the crown jewels to finance the running of the club. You cant fault him for trying. I doubt he will get any where near that. Maybe half plus a player in exchange. Maybe give them Clough and a few million but I am not convinced by him
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With the fees paid for strikers in the championship in the last season or two, it’s not that huge a stretch for a player with his record.

As above though there will either be a player exchange or some of the fee will be based on games, goals, promotion etc along with a sell on clause.

If AK wants him there is a deal to be done but it’s all down to whether AK thinks he is worth pursuing.

Polly 433

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Hold our nerve. Can't see any league 1 club having anything like that finance. Nor a championship side. Fulham may if they sell Sessingnon for £50. Villa would be a selling club after close season ( winner of playoff won't be paying that for a gamble on untried premiership striker) and as one goes down the table Forest is the only club with both possible finances or inclination. Most teams are struggling to beat FFP or are heavily in debt.

We should be talking up the value of Murphy, Velios and Cummings plus the possibilities and potential of BB, Clough, Gomis, Appiah etc, Making it clear we do not want their striker. Then hit them with a poultry offer like £3M with about two weeks before start of season. They need the money more than we need a striker, or thats what they have to believe.


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paid 3 mill for clough

Reportedly, but sources close to AC reckon it was just over half that with the rest based on appearances and goals. So up to 3 million. I like Zach and have been vocal in my support for him but hes a left man in a front 3 and thats not the way we will go and Lolley is far better in that position. I hope the lad can get his career back on track because he looked great a couple of seasons ago. I dont think his dad helps his head either