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are each minority group as equal as each other?


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reading this story today about a dinner lady been given the sack for occidentally serving pork to a muslim, which she apologised straight away but never less given the sack, even various muslim groups said her sacking was an over reaction.

but a comment from nigel farage caught my eye and did have to laugh and got me thinking ... is he right? the comment was

UKIP leader Nigel Farage said: 'I feel desperately sorry for her. If she'd served gammon to a vegetarian would she have been fired? I think not.'

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thefacehead - 31/7/2013 16:45

If she sneaked it inside a Linda McCartney sausage without telling them she might....
would have to cut into tiny pieces and taste test every one of them :17:


I think Farage is right, a total over reaction and no malice or harm was intendid by this woman ffs, also is pork a threat to life? I have made many mistakes in life and i bet everybody has and will do, to lose her job for a mistake is imo unacceptable!


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Pork is the most eaten meat in the world. Apparently 38% of all meat eaten in the world is pork. Must admit for me nothing better than slow roasted pork shoulder with roast spuds, veg and a nice gravy, followed by English berries with cream. mmmmmmm