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Anyone willing to do a little survey?


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If not, fair enough, but if yes, please read on...

A lot of you who follow me on Twitter or are my friends on Facebook will be sick of me going on about this, so if you're one of those people who've seen this before then I apologise unreservedly.

As part of this magazine that I'm making, I need to try and find out about my audience's football-reading habits. So, if you'd like to tell me, so that I can actually make an (hopefully) interesting magazine, then I would really appreciate it if you could fill out this short, 10-question survey that will take no more than 5 minutes of your time:

If you could also pass it on to any bluenose mates you may have, and explain why they need to fill it out, that would be good as I need to try and get the widest range of opinions possible from all the football fans in the West Midlands.

Thank you so much.

The Fear

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I will be honest, seen a few come and go. They don't seem to catch on, especially as they have such big competition from these sort of sites.

Last one who tried I actually took shares in to help, but ended up giving them back as it was changing too much so I didn't feel comfortable promoting.

Talking about promoting, should ask before putting up survey links for business ventures.



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Please don't invest any money into this idea. :22:

In this day and age surely an e-zine or website would be the way forward?

Either way 1 out of 100 magazines survives more than 2 years, and is very expensive to get off the ground.