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Anyone think we deserved at least a point v Liverpool?

Rod Currie

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I'm wondering if anyone thinks we deserved something from the game last night. Now we've all had the chance to have a think about the game last night.UTMPB


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I think we were more deserving of a point in the reverse fixture. If Enda did his job that night and we get the second penalty for the foul on Berge it's game on. But all ifs and buts I'm afraid.

The 0-2 last night flattered us imo.


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It’s a no from me diabolical defending as per,ramsdale excepted he was excellent, and the inability to work one of the worst keepers in the league results in the usual by now nil points


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From attacking in their half it went sideways backward sideways backwards ............loose it/pass back to Rammers (delete either)...

shocking football to watch....... score could have been 6-1 if mqburnie looked weer net wer. :ban:shoes off


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for ramsdales sake yes he deserved a point ,but the inept team in front of him deserves nothing. if it wernt for rammers mopping up in the first half it could have been 7-0,but with a goal scorer on the end of our few chances it could have been 7-3. would coulda shoulda lol