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Anyone. But. Liverpool....


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I had to mute the scum singing 'You'll Never Walk Alone'. Also, is it appropriate to have a whiny Scouser co-commentating? (n)
I hate it when they do that, Sky do it as well, because obviously we all want to here it before they kick off. I know we’re tiny Nottingham Forest, but when we sing City ground...... the ref blows the whistle before it’s even finished and the commentators talk over it as well.

mr ron

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That utd kid clearly is some sort of wizard, since that letter they have gone to shit. Shame no one's been able to keep close enough to catch them in the league, unleash the Corona outbreak cause the league to be voided.

Calvin Plummer

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Please let the season be cancelled. You will hear the howls of injustice and despair for decades but it will be worth it...
I had a peek at their forums and there is a mix of hope, denial, fear and outrage. They're especially disgusted that opposition fans would happily cancel the season.

This from the club that had banners celebrating Hysel at the Liverpool derby as it kept Everton out of the European cup...

Pope John XXIII

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Suggests awarding the title to Liverpool.
No prem relegation.
Bring up to two from championship

Next season 4 go down from the prem and, again, only two come up from the champ.

This would not be a good outcome for us!

What about this;

PL agrees to expand to 22 teams for one season (I think Bundesliga are doing this).

Two up from every division, no relegation.

Top team does up. 2nd-5th in the playoffs.

I might be being thick, but that works out doesn't it?

Every division loses two teams to promotion and gains two from promotion below.

PL gains two, and relegates four next season with only two coming up.

That sounds like the way to minimal litigation to me
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My solution was fairer

Pope John XXIII

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... but involves playing some games.
Can be behind closed doors.

What right do Leeds have to be promoted after 37 games?

You can make a better case for West Brom, but not necessarily a watertight one.

Let's look at the legal action.

For a start, we argue that we would never have rested all those players against Charlton if we had known there were only 5 games to go.


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How about basing it on all the results that have occurred chaps! Leeds and West Brom go up automatically and then the play offs would be Fulham v Preston and Brentford v Us.Now you have to base the play offs on the season results.Fulham have played Preston twice and have won 3-2 on aggregate.Forest beat Brentford both times.Therefore Fulham v Forest and as we beat them in the one game played we are promoted!
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