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Any news on new kits? (Confirmed Reveal Friday 9AM)

Just come home from the waterside with the home shirt. So nice. Word of warning though, I usually wear a small, thought I better choose a medium due to what people were saying about the sizing, tried it on when I got onto the high street and it was still too small. Go at least 2 sizes up. Which is madness

Rob the Imp

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Very smart, although I am not a great lover of black shirts, I guess through tradition. However, one thing that needs answering, is that why do both kits have black shorts? That is unusual and may have to be rectified in the event of a clash of shorts.
Just need a bag of this season just gone's silver shorts and we're prepared. Think we've done that before, used a previous season's kit as an emergency change kit, in the conference years...? I feel either that all-white shirt or the blue piano key shirt was used like this. Someone with a better memory might be able to confirm.
Like the style and colour - not keen on green full stop so a no from me for 21/22
Before '82/'83 the notion of an away kit didn't really exist and it was a change kit which was only used when there was direct colour clash, which in reality was not that often. The Imps one was an all mid/pale green one

From an unscientific trawl of my memory banks I would say since then green or a kit with a noticeable element of green has been used more than any other. I would personally favour a return to green, but I accept that sales of replica kits are an important revenue stream clubs and there is a need to change them season on season to generate that income stream.

Is it 3 or 4 years since the last green one? It would be therefore nice to return to green, but that will have to wait another year.

Yes, I'm a traditionalist.
Annoying there seems to be no size guide. Not much use for people who aren't in Lincoln and so can't try the shirt on. Maybe I should order a couple of sizes and send back whichever doesn't fit.

I'm a skinny racing snake MAMIL with a 36-38" chest and skinny arms so might get away with a Small, but probably medium. I like the "fitted" look. If anyone gets one and wants to share some thoughts on sizing that would be much appreciated.
I'm the same as you. Last year's small was perfect. Not tight fit but not loose. Far away from the 90s when a small would be as baggy as f*** on me :) T'was the fashion back then though.