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Any news on new kits? (Confirmed Reveal Friday 9AM)


Vital 1st Team Regular
Nice to see the away shirt displayed in front of the Cathedral, where Peregrines nest.

The new shirt is great: simple yet subtly different, three colours only and a logo that looks professional and works well in the design.

Good effort, it will sell well.
It's ok. But just ok for me. Very similar to the sports TV shirt which was a classic away kit. Been waiting for this to make my mind up, and home shirt will be purchased today!


Vital 1st Team Regular
That's terrific, an instant classic for me - clean and simple, no fussy details or collars, sponsors logo nicely integrated, best away shirt in a long while.


Vital Youth Team
Very smart, although I am not a great lover of black shirts, I guess through tradition. However, one thing that needs answering, is that why do both kits have black shorts? That is unusual and may have to be rectified in the event of a clash of shorts.


Vital Squad Member
Like this quite a lot, to me the important thing is it can be worn as a casual shirt, so it doesn't look like you are "showing your colours". As yesterday i wore my Imps facemask in the supermarket and got a few "Shit club", and "Oi get that shit off your face you wa!*er!" comments.
Gobby plastic bastards
Out of interest, does anyone know or better still have a pic of our away kit in Taylors championship winning year? The home shirts already a classic for that season, was the away any good? I'm certainly not enamored with either home or away this year.


Vital Football Hero
green would be my preferred second colour, to link in with the lincs flag, but this looks prreeetty good. also shows how a well-designed sponsors logo adds to the professional look of the shirt.

nice detail to have 'imps' across the socks - i really like elements unique to lcfc like that and the cathedral to make it 'our' kit.