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Another look at the 0-6 line up


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13 caps, 58 age group caps, 3 caps + 8 age group, 8 age group
Perch, 37 caps
20 caps + 20 age group, 8 caps + 46 age group, 2 caps
22 caps

There's inexperience for you. How can anybody expect achievement with that lot?


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I think i've got it, It's our formation with international caps replacing players names. Elliot and Perch's names appear as they are uncapped at any level. Not sure who the one with only two caps is though... a quick look through wikipedia suggests cabaye is the only one who's figures are missing, but he has 20 caps plus 28 age group caps.


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It's obvious isn't it?

It's our line up from liverpool game, but just in terms of international experience (Youth and senior). Where they don't have any, it's just their name.

4-2-3-1 formation.


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Thanks for that. It made sense after a few drinks and it is nice to find out who the drinkers are on here who understood it.