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Angelos Epithemiou on Soccer A.M


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I agree with Randy.

This stupid fucking character is enough to make me turn the programme off, I have done in the past when the talentless shit is grasping at straws in a desperate attempt to get a cheap laugh.

Not funny in the slightest.



Vital Champions League
My post was actually serious... i don't get it! I didn't know whether this was actually a real person or it was a character. Weird.

Pride of Lions

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He's the character off Shooting Stars who replaced George Daws (Matt Lucas)....

He is a weird character though - I think you need a versatile sense of humour to understand him....


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The Fear - 20/4/2013 23:31

Lol, it is a character.

Bit ott Neil!

What was your opinion on Maggie! :3:

I really can't understand how he can be amusing to anyone. It's the type of character from a one off sketch in a crap sketch show.

Yet this bloke is trying to drag a whole career out of this one character.

How in the hell does a producer sit in a meeting and say 'I know what will make this weeks programme funnier' and then gets him in.

As for Maggie, I loved her. We need her in charge now.



One Bloody Number
Thought he was great on Shooting Stars, but saw bits of his own TV show and wasn't impressed.

Think he's one of those characters where you can go to him for a 30 second cameo every few minutes and he'll get a giggle but make him the main man and it gets a bit tiresome.



Vital Football Hero
Seriously, I love comedy, there is nothing better, but I too do not get this bloke. I don't even think he is remotely funny. In fact, and I am just presuming here as I have tried to look him up numerous times and can't find out, I presume his charector is supposed to be mentally challenged, probably Down Syndrome.

That's not funny in the slightest, in fact, I can't see how he gets away with it.