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Almiron and Fraser should be starters but Bruce is still trying to justify the outlay on joelinton. Shambles of a side but not unexpected although a decent coach would get far more out of them.


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I'd prefer to have Frazer and ASM on the wings, with another striker (who should have been signed this summer) alongside Wilson. In his two years or so here, I can't see that Almiron has done much more than Joelinton really.

He's like a shit Ketsbaia in my opinion.

That being said, there is nobody on the bench at present (Almiron included) that you would suggest bringing on to change the game or offer a threat.


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Almiron struggled badly in adjusting to the league when first here under Benitez. The lad never hid and no matter how poor his game was he kept trying. Then it's Bruceball for everyone and he's on the right one game then on the left then behind the striker who was Joelinton in all his lackadaisical clueless glory then dropped. He looked really ready for this season early doors and once again has given his all in the brief cameos he's been given (the only player who put a shift in against Brighton when hoyed on). Then I see Joelinton on the left or right and cannot see what he gives to the side and even Almiron on his worst day offers more than him.

I think there's a good player there, unfortunately with Bruce here I think he'll have to go elsewhere to make it happen though.

Ketsbaia would walk into this side btw.
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Simple answer he should be starting he is better than most of the players who keep on being played. On his day he can make a difference and at least he gives 100% unlike others who are in the team ahead of him.


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Mc - urgent marra!! You need to get ur iPad, or woteva you use to post on here, back to the shop pronto. I think you’ve been hacked cos there’s a thumbs up under your name to a post from OM!!


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You mean Ketsbaia was good? :grinning: He was ok, best out of a bad bunch of Kenny Dogleash signings barring Shay Given.

Almiron 50 PL appearances 4 goals 3 assists!
Which is absolutely fucking pathetic to be honest.

Joelinton 43 apps 2 goals 2 assists!
Even worse.

Just to compare

ASM 30 apps 4 goals 5 assists


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Regardless of your opinion on almiron and his statistics the reality is he's 1 of only 2 players who can go past a defender, he's the only player we have who can and will attack AND defend, and as has already been said he puts a shift in like no other and doesn't hide.


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In truth Almiron is pretty poor, but to be fair he does try hard. He just 'aint very good. ASM is only OK for me, best of a bad bunch so he looks good. We really have some poor footballers at the club. How many of them would get a game for any decent premiership side?