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All lives matter


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At the risk of starting another political thread.

I see that the Liverpool players 'took a knee' in protest at the disgraceful death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, under the guise of 'Black Lives Matter'.

I wonder why they feel it is relevant to do this act of fatious virtue signalling, especially as no-one is 'taking a knee' for all the black youngsters who appear bent on stabbing each other to death in our major cities..? Maybe its okay for black kids to kill other black kids..? Maybe black lives only matter when they are taken by a white person..?
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The social media reaction to anyone posting "all lives matter" in response to the "black lives matter" posts has been remarkably twisted. Some try to make the point that even posting 'all lives matter' is itself racist and that it somehow misses the point that is trying to be made.

I reckon we probably need to be more 'woke' to appreciate the subtleties of such 'initiatives'.

(BTW , as I post this Blackford ,SNP leader, has just asked the PM to repeat the BLM phrase??)


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BLM is as bad as the Black Police Society.

A question. With the copper in custody and will get his day in court, just what do the Americans want from these protests?


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No, we sell the equipment and keep jobs here so Emily can sod off.
The Americans voted in trump so let him get on with it.


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Saw somebody on TV yesterday (can't remember who) calling for black representation in the Premier League boardrooms.

I'm sure that most chairmen and directors are foreigners of some description, and quite a lot are from the Middle East and Far East

It's totally wrong to make this a racist thing when it quite clearly isn't.

Any black billionaire can take over a football club just as easily as any other colour, and nobody will care what colour he is