Agüero unhappy - the internet says so


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Unsurprisingly the sight of Agüero dropping his gloves on the pitch when substituted in the victory over Spurs has eventually led to the inevitable “Agüero is unhappy” reports populating the interweb. I knew it wouldn’t take long for the stories to start emerging.

So I guess it must be true. The internet says so.

Surprisingly I think there is an element of truth in Sergio's demeanour and manner of play, I hope I am wrong, but Pep sensed it and substituted him earlier than anyone expected, although I do blame the ball and at this stage of the season you would be expecting SA10 to leading goal scorer


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Pep does not differentiate between his players - no tall poppies, it is the team over ego and he has no time for people feeling ‘left out’ or thinking they should get picked every game. He has been ruthless before.

There were times recently when Jesus’s workrate has been through the roof with him closing down opponents in their own half and getting challenges in as well as working hard defensively in City’s half. That is what his coach expects and Agüero will not be an exception.

Sergio did leave the pitch in less than a good mood last weekend naturally fuelling these rumours with the Transfer Window justaround the corner.


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The situation with Sergio is a worry, though, isn't it.
Let's hope whatever it is (and I think it is a combination of what's already been suggested) that it is resolved sooner rather than later.
We need him back to his best.



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It is. A few goals for Sergio today will put a smile back on his face (& ours).

These stories originally gained traction twelve months ago when Jesus arrived and hit the ground running ......then it was all “oh Pep can’t accommodate both these players in the same team” and away they ran during the last transfer window. That one was put to bed and I suppose that it I should only inevitable that as the window we go again.

There may be many reasons but I don’t discount the dark arts employed by Real Madrid in these situations. They are past masters at stirring things up, planting stories through their friends in the Spanish media as they endeavour to unsettle a target.
He may well go but I don't believe Pep will force him out.

Here's hoping if he is to go that he has a Champions League winners medal to pack in his luggage, go out in style.


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Bluedub - 23/12/2017 17:29

He may well go but I don't believe Pep will force him out.

Here's hoping if he is to go that he has a Champions League winners medal to pack in his luggage, go out in style.
That would be nice. Perhaps not nice but an acceptable way to bow out, as 'they' say.

Pep Guardiola

“I understand players when they are substitutes and don't play. They are sad and they are upset.

"But sometimes I think Gabriel Jesus deserves to play too, and Bernardo Silva or Eliaquim Mangala too. If they are not happy with me, that is not a problem - the most important thing is that they respect each other.

"I respect a lot about Sergio, about all he has done, what he has done and what he will do in the future.

"He is a legend and he will decide absolutely everything about his life and his future, and I am delighted to have him here with Gabriel and all of the squad."

Not so keen on his reaction after scoring his first goal yesterday. Cupping his right hand to his ear he seemed to be pointedly looking in the direction of the City bench and Pep Guardiola. Seemed to be making a point if you ask me (“listen to that applause”).

Very reminiscent of Tevez when he scored for the rags after he had fallen out with Taggart. Agüero was a bit more subtle - Tevez did run over and stand directly in front of the rag technical area with both hands held to his ears - but I still clocked it as making a point.

Not a good sign :013:


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Sergio is a genuine City great and deserves full respect. He is a goal poacher type and has upped his work rate with the pressing side of the game. With Blue Mendy back he may well get picked every game if we play two up top, but Pep has to keep Jesus happy too, otherwise he could be on his bike to a team that will give him more game time. There is no easy answer to keep strikers sweet, but a great problem for the coach to have.


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Only supposition that he looked directly at the bench and even if he was it could have been to another player or any other number of reasons. He seemed quite happy to me and I’m sure the couple of goals are a sign he is a happy enough camper.


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Don't think Aguero will go in January but post World Cup might be another matter. Maybe we won't sign Sanchez in January (beware the Rodney effect) but pre World Cup might be another er. matter.

Guardiola isn't stupid enough to make it look like he will force Aguero out but I wouldn't be surprised if it is what happens 'behind the scenes' - in that Aguero is left with no option but to move on.