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Agent Provocateurs




Video shows photo clips of the undercover police officers for the first 3 mins and then shows them getting into the crowd, stirring it up and then dragging a peaceful protester away.


The Fear

A Wise Man (once sat next to him)
Lost a bit of patience when it got to 'ugggg' and 'I'm hard' parts, it is crucial when presenting evidence like this not to go down to that level in my humble.

However, 3 of them to hold one 'kid' student. Way ott.

Would be interesting to know the outcome (imagine the cost of that sort of operation for a start) if the youth was formally arrested and tried and if so, for what.

If they were targeted for a reason would also be crucial information for such info.

I'm dead pleased that there are people in the world who will take these shots and present such stuff, keeps a balance and makes the police or any authority know they can't get away with just anything. The opposite is also true.

Bikini Inspector

Vital Football Hero
We don't live in a free society anymore. You only have the right to protest within the parameters set by the people you are protesting against.


The Fear

A Wise Man (once sat next to him)
Bloody foreigners.

Sorry, I meant bloody foreigner. Their biggest selling album was called agent provocateur.

They wanted to know what love was I think.