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Advice on buying a static in wales



Just wondered if there are any fellow Villans who have any advice on me looking to buy a static caravan holiday home in Wales to take the kids and if there are any known good run sites in wales as some i hear can hike the pitch fee's very high every year

I aint going to but a brand new one as they loose value too fast but im not bothered about selling the static as its just for holidays til my kids are older then take them abroad tbh


Yes please Trek, that would be great to have soemone who actually owns one and tell me how the site is run and if the owners are fair etc thank you sir!
We have one not far from Towyn. A place called Llwyngwril here is a link.


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Small world Sirdennis.We used to camp there all the time.By the Garthangharad pub.I was banned from that pub 30 years ago for having a sandwich fight with my mates,so we moved on to the Fairbourne hotel.Christ,we had some wet n windy holidays down there.
Have you visited the Blue Lagoon ?
Yes Clubpaver I have been going there since I was born my Grandparents had a caravan at Barmouth then when my mom and dad took it over they moved to Sunbeach ,and now we have the caravan there.

Loads of people from the Midlands are on the site although they tend to be Tesco's or dingles.