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Adverts wrecking Vital

yellow belly

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Adverts are choking Vital to death . I click on post to read and Vital disappears and I am reading trash from Google and Argos . Adverts are causing Vital not to load or cause it to freeze . Won’t be long before I give up with this site . It is dying as it is without adverts forcing us remaining posters away from Vital


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When I join VN on the iMac, I frequently get a message telling me the site is using an excessive amount of memory. I close it down and everything speeds up.
I don't notice this on iOS although most pages are very difficult to read with those scrolling ads.
I don't so much mind the static ads such as the Debenhams above but those large files that complete loading just when you are trying to read someone's profound or witty comments are a pain.

The last sentence took about 30 seconds to appear on the page as has this so I will be shutting the site down as soon as I have posted.


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I agree with the above comments. Ever since Vital went to its new format, I have never got on with it. The adverts are a pain. I use a fairly new iPad, which is great for everything else apart from this site. It is part of the reason I rarely contribute these days. I have lost patience.


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There are a lot of ads and that is something I have no control over whatsoever. All I do is write! Just clicking onto the forum a moment ago, the link took me to something else I’m not interested in so I immediately closed it, clicked the link again and here I am.
The reality, as I understand it, is that the Vital network costs money to run and those at Vital HQ that started it (and make a living from it) need that cash to continue running things.
I get your frustrations and I feel the same pain at times. I use an iPad that’s a couple of years old and it generally works okay.

yellow belly

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I understand what you are saying Tucks , but there has to be a happy medium otherwise the site becomes useless to posters and to advertisers as no-one will be left to read posts or adverts !

screaming canary

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I just use my android smartphone now. Computer is old and can't hack it. I just scroll past the ads. I do agree that while the ads pay for the site, too many will drive posters away.