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Advantage or disadvantage....

Forever yellow76

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What do you guys think about the empty stadiums, do you think this will help us or work against us?
We were truly awful after the prem restart and i am worried if we have any players that dont really have their heart in it next season this will make them worse. But i generally think better teams (like we hopefully will be) should benefit more without fans as lesser teams at home rely more on home fans and form?

yellow belly

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It should be a leveller as all teams have to play under the same conditions .I only hope that NC don’t use the lack of fans as a pathetic excuse for a bad loss


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I think we will miss the fans more than most clubs.
Fans really do enhance players performances.

I just watched the final hour of last seasons Fourth Test v Convicts on u tube yesterday and am sure Stokes and Leach benefited hugely from a full Western Terrace.


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The end of the Premier League season was dire and I have no doubt the lack of crowds at home affected us. However, we are now one of the big fish in the Championship and it shouldn’t affect us so much. Away from home it will hopefully benefit us but should be a help to visitors at Carrow Road.
Like YB says, it should be a leveller.

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If we got the right sound gear, we could put it on my balcony. We could then
shout OTBC! Come on you yellows! Over the River End / Community stand.
Would it work?

Mind you I dont know if the electrical circuits could take the load.

PS. Delia would not be allowed near the mic.
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yellow belly

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We might have an advantage if the players knew that old Wyn Jones and Sleepy Time Tom could actually be bothered to stay awake and watch them whilst our lads are trying so hard to play the game