Added time and the hurry-up


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Time is a funny thing. Sometimes it seems to pass in the blink of an eye, other times it drags and stretches out seemingly to infinity.

So it got me wondering ..........why is it that officials appear to have such a flexible relationship with it when it comes to added time? I am not referring on this occasion to how many minutes they add on but rather why when it comes to substitutions, goal kicks or corners that take place in added time they suddenly encourage players to hurry up.

Why is it that goal keepers can take an age over a goal kick at the start of the game (often over 30+ seconds) but when they do the same thing in added time the referee tell some them to hurry up? Why does a player being subbed in added time have the referee walking next to him and encouraging him to jog off the pitch whilst a substitution made say in the 69th or 71st minute they don’t do this but allow the player to walk to the side of the pitch without any such direction to pretend to jog (at walking pace) to the sideline?

Several times during recent matches I have started watching the clock when the ball has gone out for a goal kick to City’s opponents..........and in many cases (Newcastle was a case in point) where the keeper took an absolute age to retrieve the ball, ensure he selects the appropriate panel on the Ball with which to make contact for maximum distance and elevation, select the perfect blade in grain the pristine bowling green turf from where to take the kick, adjust his socks (it clearly important to have your kit properly adjusted before getting the ball back into play to avoid a Club fine), inspect his studs, bang his boots on the post to remove the enormous clods of sticky earth and dog muck that you get so often on Premier League playing surfaces, take a drink, wipe their gloves on a towel...........before launching the ball into the stands.

In some cases this has taken upwards of 45 seconds and the referee takes no action during the regular ‘90’ minutes.

Move into added time and suddenly the referee perks up and starts pointing at his watch. :017: Is this time more valuable? Is time wasting permitted during the 90 but not allowed in added time (when you can add more by the way)?

Does my head in. Either pay attention to this the whole game and hustle keepers, thrown in takers and subs throughout the match or get a grip and stop suddenly trying to appear as if you give a ****.


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Time-wasting has become the first tactic-of-choice for busparkers in particular. I don't know what the answer is to stop this practice but something needs to be done.



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It needs to be dealt with but consistently from the START of the game and not just in added time.

Book the keeper when he takes nearly a minute to get the ball back into play from a goal kick (don’t get me started on the time it takes some of them when they collect the ball in open play :017: ), book the player who takes an age to decide to take a throw it early, do it consistently and they will stop infringing the rules (delaying a restart - bookable offence) once they have two players sent off for collecting two yellow cards.

Maybe a time limit (15 secs) on throw ins once the first player pick some the Ball up. Fail to take it, the throw in is reversed or it’s a free kick to the opposition. With goal kicks, 20 (? ) secs or it is a free kick by the corner flag or similar. Just ideas :032:
60 minute matches with a stopwatch, simple.

TV broadcasters wouldn't be happy with that though as not knowing exactly when a game will end fecks up their scheduling.
The Americans when they had the world cup wanted the game spit into quarters so they could fit in the adverts, the only time I have agreed for different reasons with Stepp Ladder , mine it would ruin the game, his, the money on offer wasn't enough.
I have advocated a separate time keeper with the referee calling "Time Off/On" for stoppages such as injuries and substitutions. Then the 'take a guess at how long will be added on' game no longer applies.

In the Liverpool v WBA FA Cup match VAR was used 3 times in the first half including 3+ minutes for the penalty incident but STILL only 3 minutes were added on at the end of the half? How does that work?

If the keeper fails to take the goal kick in time I would change the decision into a corner for the opposition. That would make them hurry up.
It was something you said skoorb that got me thinking, Throw ins where Clubs have a specialist thrower, they wait ages for their players to get in the box, several players drying the ball and nothing said by the referee.

Another thing is when in the dying seconds and sometimes over the time that Clubs get a corner and it should not be a given that because it is a corner that they should give given extra because of this fact.

I do agree that if the ball is in the air at the time in the box it should be played until the ball is dead. A ball situated on the quadrant at the corner flag is dead because to restart the game here the Ref has to blow his whistle.