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Absolute class act...

We were more attached to the club and the players back then regardless of our personal thoughts towards certain board members like Gordon McKeag and co.

Even the likes of Douglas Hall and Freddie Shepherd with their comments over the cheapness of making strips or calling the North East lasses, whatever controversy came out back in the day, our respect for players never wavered and many of us will have our favourites.

Since Ashley came in though, the attachment has gone and for me there's been no lasting memory of any one of our players we've had under him and you can include the likes of Jonas Guttierez who gets the cancer sympathy or any other decent player. It isn't really fair on the players like, although in truth there is nothing for people to attach to when we've been a public shop window for a stepping stone or conveyor belt as well as our players know it.

Hopefully we get new owners and future videos will come across as well as this one does now if we get players that want to play for us to achieve more than what our current lot stand for.

Paul Kannell

Vital 1st Team Regular
Fucking hell, got a bit emotional watching that, didn’t know he had family history up here. A hugely important signing in our resurgence as a football club.


Vital 1st Team Regular
His old man was Keith Peacock who was on the staff at Charlton I believe. Gavin's Jake was born with one hand and KK did indeed let Gavin go so as to be closer to the family. Jake's now a professional Muay Thai fighter

Touching on what i said before in that we were more attached to players back in the day and it's funny that in an era of no social network etc, we seem to know more about their character.

I always remember people and players taking the piss out of him being a 'born again' christian. He wasn't frightened to brag about it either. I also remember the piss taking the players also took about his ability to grow stubble so quick and im sure I heard they said he shaved before a match and then again at half time.

Anyway, quite ironic that he has a nappa heed noo.