About this site



Now that Sam has returned to take over the reigns, I thought I would get stuck into the forum and say hello to all County fans who may lurk on here.

Not really savvy with forums, (I am of an age where I was taught by reading chalk writing off a blackboard) but I have been told there are over 200 County fans registered with Vital County.

Let us make this place a sensible, friendly place to chat over all things County (and other stuff in the off topic forum). No personal vendettas (as found on other boards) will be tolerated, and text talk will also be frowned upon!

So, if you are a County fan from Bredbury or from Brisbane get involved. Who knows, if enough of us get involved we may even be able to help the club we love.

Cheers and mines a pint of Robbies!

Ol' Pop