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AA1 from AAA

The Fear

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Not entirely unexpected to be fair...


George Osborne insisted Britain would not "run away" from its problems and vowed to continue with his tough austerity programme after Moody's downgraded the country's AAA credit rating.

In a major blow to George Osborne's economic strategy, the agency reduced Britain's debt rating from AAA to AA1, forecasting "sluggish" growth over the next few years.


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Gideon also said and I quote "Judge me on our credit rating!"

I trust he'll offer his resignation to Cameron on Monday morning!

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Heard on the radio this morning, both France and US have been downgraded a few years and in both cases interest on their debt repayments have actually decreased. In other words, it makes absolutely no difference on economic growth or living standards or anything really, just political embarrassment.

So :7: fook you Osbourne and Cameron!


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