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A Win Is a Win


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I know a win is a win etc and yes we are through to the first round proper of the FA Cup but we played a team of part timers from three divisions below us and we still could not manage more than one goal! By the sound of things we relied on Scott Loach to keep them out in the second half rather than making the game safe.


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I agree it wasn’t a convincing win, as the score line suggests, but as you say we have progressed.

Pools under Bates seem to have forged a pattern whereby we play well for 45 mins then have a pleasant chat after the first 45 and come out a totally different team for the second 45, which we did again today.

We dominated possession in the first 45 without causing a load of problems, at one point we made 8 consecutive passes without getting out of our half.
On the positive side we were moving the ball quickly and convincingly but not hurting the opposition.

Our most creative midfielder, why the frig he is playing wing back is beyond me, was once again isolated, in acres of space and under utilised all under Bates’ nose. He alone could have been decisive in finishing the game as a contest in the first half had we been using him to his potential.

Second half we were like mad dogs shite....we were all over! Or not! at one point Featherstone, Noble and Woods were within 5 yards of each other, on a pitch approximately 70yds wide. All could easily have been replaced as each was as woeful as the other. That’s the first area of concern.

The second is finishing, we need a foil for James and/or Muir, someone like erm....Cassidy might do, someone to aim for when Loach EVENTUALLY launches the ball, someone who might hold up the ball until the on rushing midfield, if we had one, catch up. Or to knock down for Muir or James or dare we even suggest BOTH !!!

Finally we need someone to KIS...............

Keep It Simple, let’s not over complicate things with formations too difficult, let’s go 4-3-3 or 4-4-2. We are making our better players look shite or at best insular: by over complicating things.

One of the better managers had it right.....it’s a simple game complicated by those who should know better, I can only presume he meant managers???