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A To-do Bucket List


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No, not one of the 'dying' ones, we've all got plenty of years left in us yet!!

When I was boxed in the other week, bad back and bad weather, I made a list of things I want to do this year.

We've already got three coach tours booked, but I would also like to do:

Go to Cleethorpes on my birthday - gone now, and no tick
Do an overnighter in Hartlepool - tick
Family day out at Marten Rasen races - tick
A day in Skegness - tick
Coach tours to Weymouth - tick, Llandudno - tick and Blackpool - tick
Pomegranate Pantomime in December - tick
Bridlington, day with friends at their caravan - tick
Meet Dazza71 - tick

Locally I want to:

Walk round Endcliffe Park - tick
Walk round Rother Valley - tick
Have a walk down the woods - tick
Have a walk to Renishaw Hall - tick
Go to Western Park Museum - tick
Have a walk round Queens Park - tick
Have a walk round Clifton Park - tick
Go swimming - tick
Sheffield Five Weirs Walk

Have a bus trip to Doncaster - tick: Barnsley: Mansfield - tick: Worksop - tick: Derby - tick: Ripley - tick: Nottingham - tick: Matlock - tick: Bakewell - tick.

Plus I already have one on my list for next year....a coach tour to Southsea, so I can have a walk down memory lane in Portsmouth. Tick, booked.

Also I want to see my Gary Roberts play, so I guess to the Proact Stadium when the weather gets better.

We have nothing special planned for tomorrow, so hoping to tick off one of the local ones!

So, has anyone else got plans for 2014?




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Hartlepool and Portsmouth are very similar actually LRM.
I prefer HMS Warrior to HMS Victory, most of the Victory is plastic, whereas the Warrior is real.

My daughter was born on Southsea Common....so if you see a bald spot in the grass, that's where!!! lol.

The place is actually called Portsmouth and Southsea, isn't it, happy memories. I'm getting all giddy now!!



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I like Hartlepool Headland , although it has a reputation of being VERY rough.

Not really one for planning stuff , but i do enjoy visiting and photographing old (disused) railway stations , so i'll probably aim at getting to see plenty of them this year.


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There's a very old station the next village to me DM, but it's not used anymore.

When I was at Chesterfield Tech, I used to catch a train from there, I cycled to the station. Always being late and rushing, I just used to get there same time as the train, and throw mi bike down on the platform! A very nice man in a uniform used to wave to me, as the train left, and he was putting my bike away in a safe place. When I arrived back, he would be stood there with my bike, ready for me to make it home.

I wonder how many railway workers would do that now...it probably wouldn't be PC would it!

Oh, and bad weather, rain and cold forecast for tomorrow, so the walk may be off!! Grrrr.


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Actually Rotherham had a lot of stations at one time - Masbrough Station is no longer used though trains go through it and there was one on Westgate and, I think, one at Parkgate. Now we've just got Rotherham Central.

Sounding like an old person here but I can remember when you could get to anywhere from Rotherham. Now you have to go to Meadowhall or Sheffield or Doncaster.


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I thought I was going to do my first 'tick' today. We set off for a walk down the woods, I had mi wellies on, well prepared.

However, it rained before we went, and when we crossed the field and got to the woods it was like a swamp, I was sliding everywhere! So would deffo not have made it down some of the banks!

Tomorrow is another day, as Scarlett O'Hara said in 'Gone With The Wind!'


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I actually had a fab walk today LRM, well over 5 miles, but not in the sludgy swamps, I am a fragile old woman you know, lol!!


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Wouldn't be that one by any chance , Bez?
Think they may have spelt it wrong !!

Yes Caz - there was quite a network of railways at one time - loads of villages/towns around my area had stations. A lot of em are private houses now , and some have gone without any trace.
I suppose that many people have cars now - the railways quite understandably became unsustainable.


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That is absolutely brilliant DM, however did you find that????

I've given it a quick read, but will read it word for word tomorrow, it's fabulous, I'm reliving my teens!!! George is going to read it as well, [he's just gone to bed] and we will have a deep and meaningful discussion!

I actually rode my bike from Mosborough village, down to the railway station at Killamarsh. Where my bike was left for the day. Then the next station on the route to Chesterfield [where I went to tech] was Renishaw/Eckington, [I live in Eckington now] and we have to go past the 'station' in the car to get to the M1. There were about three more stations before we arrived at Chesterfield.

There were actually two stations in Killamarsh, I knew them as the LMS and the LNER. But I can't remember which was which, lol.

A good trip down memory lane for me tomorrow DM, yer a gud 'un!


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It's a good site that Bez.
When i've been out taking photos of old stations (anoraking i suppose) , i put em on the computer and compare em with the pictures on that website..

You mentioned before that you live at Eckington - so i google mapped it and noticed "Renishaw" nearby , then looked up Renishaw on the disused stations website.
Hope you don't think i was being nosey or owt


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If you scroll down this page - there's an A-Z list of stations - might be some more local to you.



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Cheers DM, that was a fab read, George enjoyed it as well.

2d to get from Killamarsh to Eckington, those were the days eh!!

On this pic, from the 50's there is a bike on the left....well, that was mine lol, and I was probably just getting off that train!!! :17:
Hope it loads!

Thanks again, that was great. :1:




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Ticked off my first one today, had a bus trip to Mansfield. Really enjoyed it. Oh and bought a purple dress, for the wedding in April. Need to make sure I lose weight, not gain, it's fitted, not loose!


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DM, George has watched that programmes about railways, BBC2 at 6.30pm: Great British Railway Journeys.

It seems there was one about railway lines that he's just read about on your 'link'!! How ironical is that!!!

Oh and just for the record, I think we may be having a walk to Killamarsh in the summer, to look at the defunct railway stations there!! I will give him a history mystery tour, lol!!



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Yeah i've seen that programme a few times. I used to think it was dissapointing cos it didnt really show much of the actual train journeys - but he does visit some interesting places.

I also quite like watching "Coast" - although the scottish bloke on it irritates my partner.