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A new day a new thought


Bringer Of The Seasons
Given its Prince Williams Birthday who do you think would be better in the sack? His mother, before the crash, or his wife?

The Fear

A Wise Man (once sat next to him)
Well, yes and no... Oh no, sorry, that was yesterday's answer.

Well, I'm not a royalist but I am a gent and I don't talk about married women....!

To be fair, neither would meet my exacting standards.


Vital Football Legend
Out of respect for a fellow Villa fan, I wont say what I think about Diana. I also wouldnt say what i would do to his wife, if of course she wasn't his wife.

As much as I love Wills: I dont want to stir his porridge.



Bringer Of The Seasons
I reckon Di would quite happily slip a finger up a gentlemans bum and tickle his prostrate whilst engaging in cardinal pleasure!