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A heartfelt message


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To ALL my fellow posters on here; please keep yourselves safe during these uncertain times and try and do the right thing. This virus can make you very sick and is not to be meddled with. I would hate to think of losing any of you people most of whom I've known for many years on here but sadly have never met.

All the best from Mr & Mrs Hatton in Australia.


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Thank You Bob & ditto to all on this board.

Tip of the day----to save on using precious home "poo tickets," colloquially known as "dunny rolls," gained from your recent supermarket sorties, try very hard and leave all your crap at work. Your wife has been telling you this for years. :grinning:


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Echoing previous comments and thoughts.

The spread and inevitable illness for people will hopefully allow some form of quietness outside of homes.

The enormity is overwhelming me with work. Literally 24/7 at the minute.

On the lighter side -
  • I've deployed social distancing from the wife for a number of years now.
  • I blame the aussies for the loo-roll crisis which started with the idiot posting the empty shelves of that shop in whottagionga bay (or wherever it was). Social media has fed the frenzy.
  • The pitch will look fantastic come the end of the season:grinning:
  • Kaikai will be available for the remaining games.
  • Pool under Critchley have been unbeaten for almost 2 weeks


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My little lad (he’s 16 months old) had a raging temp all day Friday and wasn’t well, long story short a doctor over the phone said his symptoms could be corona virus so we are all having to self isolate for 14 days. His temperature is back to normal since yesterday but he’s still not quite himself but better than he was, Hannah and myself feel generally okay and not working for two weeks is going to cause massive financial issues but I would never forgive myself if I ignored doctors orders and carried on driving my bus and gave it a passenger or fellow driver so have to do as the doctor says, positive side means quality family time even if we can’t leave the house! Think we can get away with one of us walking the dog if we avoid getting close to other people but apart from that it’s 2 weeks indoors and if we come out the other side all healthy and fit and haven’t potentially spread the virus then it’s well worth it. Stay safe folks and be sensible 👍


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Seven days left for me and Mrs C. Getting our money's worth from Netflix and Filmon.com.
Please stay inside and safe you lot. One day soon we'll all have something else to moan about - the Seasiders!


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All the best Luke and family--very trying times especially when such a young one is involved. Please keep us updated.

Regards Aussie1
Thank you, means a lot.

His temperature is no longer high which is a positive sign but he’s not quite himself yet but is running around as normal etc but not eating loads and very needy.

I fear people aren’t taking it serious enough in the UK (at first I wasn’t to be honest) but looking at the deaths in Italy nearly at 5000 last I read that is horrific and I fear we are going to be on the same path as people do not listen to advice in this country and think they know best. You can guarantee they’ll be thousands with symptoms or living with people with symptoms who carry on as normal and don’t understand the risk they pose to other members of the community when all they are asked to sit is sit on their arse for 2 weeks.


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Keep safe everyone. This will pass. The world will never be quite the same again. It may be better or worse. Remember the Black Death effectively emancipated the serfs.


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Massive increase in the number of new cases in the USA in th last 24 hours - 8500. Far in excess of anywhere else!
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Think it's more a case of if you step outside =you will be shot Nodtogty.

Hope the little one gets well soon Luke. Kids are resillient little bu@@ers.
I'm still going in to the office, more a case of necessity than desire.
We enter command mode from today. Effectively preparing for the worst.

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Isn't it strange how China with their population and hygiene habits have it under control already ?
You are not alone in thinking that they have a biological experimentation department in the province where the outbreak occurred.Coincidence no doubt but makes you think....


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:cool:I always found with my two children that a tepid bath brought down the temperature faster than any thing.NOT COLD WATER.stay fit and well all of you:thumbup: MichaelP


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Aren't all US Presidents "war Presidents" ?

Sask, you are quite correct. The raw stats mean little without context. I am sure the seemingly massive difference between death rates in Germany and Italy is largely down to different methods of testing, categorizing and sampling.