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777 crash lands in San Francisco


Has a high horse
Amazing that only 2 died.

The flip onto its roof comments seem to have been wrong but the tail came right off.


One Bloody Number
Sounds like pilot error.

They are sayig there was no mechanical or electronic problems. Sounds like the pilot came in too short and the tail hit a wall.


Vital Champions League
It seems reasonable to suspect the tail struck early. Suggestions the aircraft was way too slow on final approach, and the approach was erratic.

The tail detaching would cause a a nose down attitude, slamming the front of the aircraft into the ground.

No way that think was on it's roof at any point, thered' be far more killed.


Vital Champions League
New info has come out - the aircraft was too low and far too slow on approach, a go around was attempted at the last few seconds before impact.

Also, the instrument landing systems that backup as an extra visual reference point, were not functioning at SFO that day.

Edit - Seems like one of the dead was killed by an emergency vehicle too!