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I don’t think they are evil Formby, ...vague, lacking any moral authority, ineffectual and hopelessly inept, ultimately pointless ...but not evil


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I've just about calmed down. Bloody hell, that was nerve-wracking. In that second half, QPR must have had 75% possession, and to be fair, we kept them down really to that single chance where Marshall made his (usual) marvellous contribution.

At the other end, we could have had 7 ....... again...... but it wasn't to be.

No problem, a 2 or 3 nil win might start to give us telly watchers a false sense of security ......... a false sense of how massive this will be if we do it and stay up, even with a points deduction......... a false sense of how easy it is for the players and coaching staff to cope with.

It's not easy ..... it's a mountain ....... but thank God we have our equivalents of Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tensing out on that field and in the dugout.

The whiskey glass I ordered from the club shop arrived this morning ............ rest assured, it's gonna be tested for leakage tonight !
Some really great performances tonight. Must say that when balagun was injured on Saturday I feared we wouldn’t be as strong defensively. But Fox stepped in and stepped up. Tremendous performance from him alongside Kipre who continues to develop into a really top central defender.
Barnsley this Saturday will be tough. May need to freshen up the team with a couple of changes but with the same resolve from the team and leadership from Sammy then I will continue to believe!


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What has happened to our club is totally devastating, it's created job losses, the possible loss of our club, shown us the total ineptitude of the EFL ,the callousness of our so called owners & not to mention the frustrations we feel in all the unanswered questions from those who should be answering them.
It has left many of us shell-shocked & dumbfounded by how quick this has all come about, the ramifications of points deductions & possible new owners...dark clouds now hang over the DW stadium where there was previously bright shining lights of hope when our form had returned & it looked like relegation could be avoided - who could have guessed what lay ahead for us!!!
In all this darkness tho there have been some tremendous beacons of light which I'm almost certain could only be attributed to 'Little Wigan'.....
The fantastic crowd funding climbing total, the detective work of the many, the undercover camera work of one East stand lad, the thousands of great inspiring tweets / messages from past players, ex players, opposition fans, celebrities, radio pundits, Members of Parliament & the honest to goodness Latic fans of all ages. It has galvanised the fans, brought us together & made us even prouder of the club we support. The players, manager, coaching & backroom staff have played their part as well, producing some true grit performances despite the unpredictable predicament they find themselves in, inspired no doubt by some heartfelt videos from young school children, old die hard fans & everyone else in-between, some have even brought a tear to my eye with their sincerity & humbleness.....we can't be at the ground to cheer them on so hopefully this is the next best thing.
All the above has made me realise what a great club this is & makes me proud to be a Wiganer despite my Scottish roots. Hopefully we avoid relegation, we successfully appeal the points deduction, we force a rethink on how the EFL run, we have honest, respectable & well meaning new owners but most of all we can carry this togetherness through to wherever we find ourselves. UTFT

Just realised I ment to post this in the 'What's going on' thread'..... so I've copied & pasted, apologies for double post.
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Jock ..... my friend ...... though you've posted many a decent post previously, that sir stands out, deservedly so, as one of your most magnificent contributions to this forum.

I salute you.
Why thank you kind Sir.....I dropped a bollock tho, I ment to post it in the 'What's going on' thread so I've copied n pasted it over to that thread.🍻


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Well what a Team What a Manager What a Town well KEEP THE FAITH and I DO. BELIVE..Listen to this song sit back and think of WIGAN ATH...I BELEIVE..
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You must be pissed. That takes me back to my younger years in Ibiza when I was like something out of Kevin and Perry.

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Despite all the doom and gloom of the winter months, we've now officially already bettered last seasons points total and will by season end have scored more and conceded less. This having lost Reece James and Nick Powell is a great achievement for the coaching and playing staff.

Bloody typical this points total would have kept us up (with a 12 point penalty) in four of the last five years.

We are already above luton. As long as we don't lost to Barnsley, I don't think they will finish above us.

Reality now is we must focus on Hull. If we beat Hull, we need only better there points tally by one for the other 3 games. This is more than doable, I'm a believer!