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6pm QPR


Vital Football Hero
It felt really scary when they were all over us but despite the lack of posession the lads managed to restrict them to very few chances.

Huge win lads especially since Hull lost. Now 8 clear of Hull and 7 clear of Charlton with them to play in the next 3. This weekend is going to be huge with Hull and Charlton both at home to teams on the beach and us away at Barnsley. If and it's a huge if we had results go for us that means we head into the Hull and Charlton games able to go 12 clear of both!


Vital Football Hero
I was nervous all throughout that second half, and the games are only going to get bigger, this Sat it will be where everything will fall into place. If we beat Barnsley and Hull fail to win then its in our hands. That's how small it is.

jeffs right

Vital 1st Team Regular
Get in there. Well done everyone. We are staying up.
12 PTS deduction and it's rest your heads in shame EFL.
The bastards didn't even get in the boardroom never mind spend cash to give us an unfair advantage.
Support us you soulless idiots or forever be seen in the same light as these criminals who have done this to our club.
Our lads will just win them all anyway to stick two fingers up at your double standards EFL


Vital Reserves Team
Lads were really under pressure 2nd Half but even so still could and should have scored a couple more....but what a shift they’ve put in again. That they are doing it under these circumstances is another terrific chapter in the history of this club.
If they beat this 12 points purely through their on field efforts then that will equal or maybe surpass anything that’s gone before.