6pm QPR | Vital Football

6pm QPR


Vital Reserves Team
Not making enough of several half chances so far ...playing well but QPR looking dangerous on the break


Vital Football Hero
Really good performance. I feared the lads heads would be all over the place but they've been superb - easily could've had another couple of goals. Great proffesionalism, mental strength and heart to produce a half like that in the shadow of what has gone on.

QPR are vulnerable but also look like they've got a dangerous break in them and some dangerous players. I'm expecting a nervy second half but hope we can keep on playing like we are.

Bristol beating Hull and Swansea beating Birmingham too. At this point a points deduction might be inevitable but we may be able to negotiate the number down from 12 so just got to keep getting the points in and hope and pray.


Vital Youth Team
Working but catching snippets, feels like we're just weathering the storm. Just me? Great effort tbh

Edit: Just feels we draw or lose this


Vital Football Hero
This second half is getting very uncomfortable. Those bad misses will haunt us if we aren't careful. QPR starting to do what we did to them 8n the first half.