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50 years on.


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Mums did so well in those days and always turned us out in our Sunday best that one day of the week. The rest of the week we were raggy arsed kids--playing marbles alongside the kerbs or kicking a footy around on the road with yer mates and trying to avoid putting in someones front window. That happened on a few occasions too. How do you always manage to put holes in the front of your Tuff shoes our Michael? Don't you dare start jumping around in that muddy puddle Michael or else. Too late--- just wait until your father gets home young man. NO play stations or coach potatoes for us. We invented our own games and were always outdoors getting sun-burnt or wet in the rain or the snow. Oh, our Michael go and play with Jimmy down the road, he's got measles and you haven't had them yet. No, snowflakes in our day! Well ok just the occasional one. :clown:
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Sundays. Sunday school, walk on the prom, coppers spent on South Pier, walk around P Beach ( no money for the rides ) 2 and 6 store on way home. cold meats, slala and cards whilst sing something simple was on radio. shared bath water and bed . Never changed from Easter to end of lights. During the week we played on the old lines going to central even pushing the turntable around. No elf and safety for us.


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Snake belts were the in thing in those days. One size fits all with adjustment as long as you were not a real fat bastard. :clown:


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So here is the acid test, which one of you can get the first date with Sexy's colleague Sophie McKinna ? I bet neither of you are man enough.:grinning: