32m Reasons To Be Believe Forest Are Moving Forwards


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The latest accounts show a potentially promising future for the club.

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Strawberry Avenger

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Heading in the right direction.

With a focus on improving revenue on empty seats via promotions for younger fans, kids to bring in the next generation of Forest fans through and to get average gates up to the mid-to high twenty ks.

Sponsorship is higher.

These will show next year.

As will unloading the dead wood to a smaller squad with a smaller wage bill instead of subbing 6-10 players who don't play through injury or bad form.

Also, will their be another Summer exit for a young Academy to fund the next push for the 2nd wave of Karanka transfer business? Might that bring in another ten million plus?

Interesting times.


Strawberry Avenger

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I liked the 1st four paragraphs... I highlighted in quotes the key phrases that sums things up on and off the pitch

" it is clear that financially the club is going in the right direction."

"Revenue is up and operating loss is down."

( With the wage bill likely to be reduced further when some of the deadwood is sold in the summer, and hopefully improved season ticket sales and sponsorship deals, things are looking quite positive going forward off the pitch.)

"In terms of Financial Fair Play too we are in a very healthy decision to spend in the summer,"

(especially if we consider that the £15m we received for Assombalonga wasn`t included in the accounts. The records are made up until May with the Boro sale taking place in July.)

(Combining this healthy financial position, with a good end of the season on the pitch under Karanka, and it really does look promising.)

"If we get the summer recruitment right, there is a big prospect of a challenge for a playoff spot."


mao tse tung

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Awful lot of shite being spouted about FFP!

The maximum we can lose in any one season is 15m; that is included in the rolling 39m over 3 years.

We can make profits in two of the three years, which looks likely, and still be only allowed 15m in the third year.

Operating losses were 23m last season before you take into account Burkes transfer.

I would guess that this seasons losses will still be well above 15m before Brits transfer is taken into account.

We have a long, long way to go before we can consider ourselves FFP compliant without having to rely on the largesse of our owner.


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Strawberry Avenger - 8/3/2018 17:21

(especially if we consider that the £15m we received for Assombalonga wasn`t included in the accounts. The records are made up until May with the Boro sale taking place in July.)

Sales of Burke and Lansbury are though.

mao tse tung

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The accounts show we are still spending around 115% of income on wages; that may change this season.

We have two big earners in Brit and Fryatt off the payroll but it looks like we have had to pay some off to leave; if we reduce the wage bill by 3m we will have done extremely well.

Season ticket sales are up albeit at a discounted rate; you would hope to see further modest improvement in off field revenues as well.

We now have a fully functioning back room team; they wont be working free of charge.

If we can get operating losses down to under 18m it would represent a good start in my view.