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2020/21 Kit


Vital Youth Team
Buried in the BBC article about the new August 31st sale deadline, there's a paragraph that says - "Wigan's supporters' club has advanced the Latics the funds needed to buy next season's first-team kit", so it looks as though we do have a designed kit for next season, hopefully meaning that we might have a first team kit hitting the shop to sell alongside the training kit (even if we don't have a team to wear it out on the pitch at the seasons start yet).

Had a quick gander for possible examples of what it might look like, and there's not many. But I took a screenshot of a potential 'concept kit' that looks pretty smart, even nicer if you take away the sponsor. The real on will probably look nothing like it, but I'll be buying it regardless as I'm sure many others will. Hopefully won't be the last.



Vital Reserves Team
Ive been told the new players will all be told to buy their own plain blue t shirt and take it to AC sports in Pem who will print the badge on it for them.


Vital Youth Team
I thought the kit manufacturers paid to supply the kit and then obviously get a cut of sales of replicas - or is that only in the prem?

Anyway I will be buying the kit for me and home/away full kits for my lad as again it’s a way of getting funds into the club.

Same with season tickets - they should get them on sale with an option to get streaming services if matches are behind closed doors and I’d snap them up too.

Anyone know whether sponsorship deals are voided by administration of will be still have time to run on the K8 deal?

Also if the EFL logo appears anywhere on the shirt then that is getting scratched straight off as don’t want that defacing anything I own.