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2019-2020 Premier League Suspended (Coronavirus)

The Fear

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The Amazon games will be free - no Prime membership needed.

I think that is crap. Sod you paupers who don't pay, I pay and want to be over and above you, in fact, my money buys me the right to be able to look down on you, from a great height.

Well done Amazon, you've really made a fool of this paying system

(this post is brought to you in 'is he serious or is he not mode'...!)

Bloody freebie scroungers.


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I've been thinking about the legal implications too HJ. Obviously I'm coming at this from a layman's point of view, but to me it seems pretty simple.

I only recently found out that the lower leagues have been cancelled without promotion or relegation. How can the FA insist that the rules of the football pyramid be applied to some leagues but not others?

The rules must apply to everyone, or they can't apply to anyone.

Some lawyers are going to become millionaires over this.
I am not a lawyer but it seems obvious that you have a set of rules and the clubs and the league have to abide by the terms of the rules. However, government law trumps any rule the PL set up. As an example if you are tested positive for Covid-19 you and people you are in close contact with must self isolate. In the case of a PL player tested positive two days after a game you have the video evidence of all the players (could be up to 35) who you may have been in close contact with. From these all contacts must go into self isolation. This is a perfect example of "test and trace". The PL seem to be saying only that one player goes into self isolation. We should be saying today at the PL meeting that we don't care what the PL say we are guided by government law and guidelines and if you force us to play a game we will take you to court.

It seems from reports that the PL have decided to kick the can down the road for another week. Whist some issues are to be decided today keep issues like relegation may be put off till next week.

Time for our CEO to be tough today.
I think we should start thinking about getting Wesley back in training as it's starting to get serious in Brazil. I'd hate to see him trapped over there and miss all next season as well
Seems only agreement is a 19 man squad, with 5 subs, so we have given way on this issue but there is no other information on relegation and fixtures as well as who has to self-isolate. We know it was discussed but no agreement.

This is a clear sign of kicking the can down the road.


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Five subs! Bloody hell, Dean has enough trouble having to deal with three.
How's he going to decide what to do with five? His sub decisions have have been awful. He seems to look at who's doing well and bring them off.

The Fear

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But, but... sporting integrity! Morale! We NEED football back in our miserable, pitiful lives!


But, but... same as I argue with MD. It is good for moral, people do miss football, people need something else to focus on and so on and so forth.

I am looking forward to the return, albeit I am not sure anything should be returning thanks to the mess the Gov are making (which is one for the covid thread I know)so it remains to be seen if a second spike halts this.

The Fear

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I would imagine this is just because there has been no pre-season. Hardly a massive issue to allow fresh legs, and the rules have already changed because the season was suspended and is now re-starting.

For me, it is down to the players now, not any moaning about how unfair all this is, life is unfair, the virus has been unfair. The imbalance is there, whether 3 subs or 5. I wouldn't have made the change personally but I assume they all agreed to this and as said, just for match fitness.

Do we think we would stand that much more chance if we only used 3 subs? I don't. I get what you are saying, but it looks a meh change to me.