2018 Summer Transfer Rumours Thread

keith margam

Vital Football Legend
I’ve stopped looking at that News Now website, it’s full of articles on our players linked with bids from other clubs. Plus each article you open has a block over it, either agree to cookies or you can’t view.
All this speculation must be unsettling for the loyal squad players who want to stay, it’s certainly unsettling for the fans.
We now realise there’s going to be zero investment from our owners, the hedge fund managers, and that we have to sell to cut wages if there’s no relegation clause in a players contract, and also in order to buy players who want to be here.
How ironic the crocodile tears from Fabianski when we were relegated, then next day he’s in the office asking for a transfer. He’s forgotten that we took a big gamble on him, and rescued him when he was languishing in the reserves at Arsenal and called Flapianski by their fans after some poor displays..
I have as well Keith. Loads of articles full of rubbish and just speculating. So many non sites who just write whatever, so many in fact that it's hard to pick out an article worth clicking on. Its mostly clickbait so I don't bother.