2017 - a remarkable year


Alert Team
We have been witnessing some wonderful football this season especially under the direction of Pep Guardiola. Record after record has tumbled as his side reach Christmas and lead the table with the largest points gap in the history of top flight football.

The year in stats:-

P38 W29 (76% win rate) D7 L2 (two!) GF101 GA30 Ckean sheets 17 Points 94/114

Oustanding stuff from Pep, the squad and his backroom staff :005: plus from the amazing support given to the team from the fans :001:

What are your favourite memories of what has been a fabulous year for the club?
apart from the continuing TV Series 'How do We Stop Manchester City' Kevin De Bruyne's goal against Chelsea and the Win in the Derby Celebrating too much to an Oasis song, Sané's goal, I think against Palace, when over the head and then between the legs of the Keeper, the coming of age of Raheem Sterling, the discovery of Fabian Delph as a left back when City in Crisis, City breaking a few records, Spurs pissing off Kevin and wishing they hadn't. Being top of the League at Christmas and playing some of the most scintillating football The premier has ever seen.

Merry Christmas :099:


Vital Football Hero
13 points lead at Christmas, has never happened before to the best of my knowledge and Maureen is now moaning that we are privileged because we play the day after Boxing day, just love it. :022:


Vital Football Legend
The improvement in Otamendi, the improvement in Delph, the improvement in Sane and Sterling.
The passing is out of this world.
The way Pep handles the media.
Especially the way that Fernandinho is playing now, the quiet achiever.
I could go on of course but in the end, one name Kevin De Bruyne! :021:


Alert Team
I may have misheard, but on Talkshite this evening I thought I heard someone say that we could lose all our remaining home games and still be top of the league at the end of the season?

2017 review courtesy of the Irish Examiner (nice to see some professional, independent and non-biased journalism).

The final comment on the piece about City and Guardiola is interesting and proof that we aren’t the only ones who remember how badly many wanted Pep to fail.


.....we enter 2018 having won 18 consecutive games non the Premier League, an unparalleled run. Quite fitting really.

Let’s raise a glass to our club’s owner who has made this all possible, to Pep and his backroom team for nurturing the squad to these outstanding sequence of results, to the players for their efforts, hard work and skill, to the fans for their undiminished support and finally to all of those who contribute to VMC.

Happy New Year everyone :049: :005: