2012 | Vital Football


Rob the Imp

Vital Football Hero
I recently found some photos on an old memory card of the torch passing through Loughborough town centre. I jumped out of work for a bit to see it and take photos - not good ones with the crowd that gathered.


Vital 1st Team Regular
We were incredibly fortunate to get tickets for the athletics on " Super Saturday". The morning session, but with the stadium full, unprecedented in recent Olympics and a taste of what the atmosphere was like. We and many others had to be thrown out at the end of the session, didnt want to leave.

Jess Ennis in the long jump and javelin, and only today I found out these were her most worrisome events for her and her team, she nailed them both. We also saw Oscar Pistorious ( heroic pre-notoriety version) and Usain Bolt, we were in the top tier beyond the finish line and at the end of the heat half the tier seemed to surge for a closer look at the great man.

Then wandered round the park, watched some of the big screen stuff from a long way away, back to hotel in Harlow with takeaways for That Hour on the room TV.

Unforgettable day personally, extraordinary days for the country, we feel much diminished nationally in just 8 years.

German Imp

Vital 1st Team Regular
Was fortuate enough to get free tickets for the dress rehearsal 25 Jul 12 which I have to say was stunning. So can only the imagine that the main event would have been awesome if my experience was anything to go by.

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