1st game 2019/20 season...Liverpool Away. | Vital Football

1st game 2019/20 season...Liverpool Away.

Who`s it gonna be?
Cant see how its true but just been told Tottenham Away.

But of course we now all know its...LIVERPOOL AWAY Live On Sky.
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Big ask if true, but got to play these trams somewhere along the line, better early than last game of the season when its got potentially a lot more riding on it imo🤷‍♂️


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Last night I dreamed that we were away (possibly Liverpool but very mixed up dream) and Mo Leitner scored with a low drive into the bottom right corner outside the penalty box. I have no idea about final outcome as my bad back and cold woke me up probably due to my goal celebration.

The previous night my brother dreamed that we played Newcastle home first match and they scored from a penalty. He sat in away end as I had his season ticket!! Apparently Adnams beer 10% proof was on sale under Main stand!!

All will be revealed tomorrow so I can plan a few home matches to get the best "value" from my very expensive Premier Membership.