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15 Years for Killing Your Six Kids


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Phillpot sentenced, news here: http://m.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-derbyshire-22023117

Doesn't seem right having watched a couple of documentaries on the case recently.


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I havent seen any of the documentaries but Ive seen the news reports, heard things from others, and listened to Jeremy Vine show yesterday discussing the case.

Whilst not generally an advocate of the death penalty I find it very hard to argue with those who would apply it to this case. The bloke is an utter scumbag - I'd have strung up by the marlie bag and stabbed with pins.

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I also agree with you James.

It doesn't seem right when he could be let out in about 8 yrs. Besides, why should the taxpayer have to pay for the likes of that scum to be kept in a prison. Three meals a day, satelite telly no doubt. What have them poor children go to look forward to?.... Nothing!!!


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He won't be let out in 8 years: He has been sentenced to the maximum he can be sent down for which is 15 years and it is only a IF if he gets out then. It depends on remorse and behavior in prison. He has been told he has to serve a minimum of 15 years.

Also he won't just be let out: He will spend the rest of his life if he is let out on licence which will be regular reports to probation etc. and he will be monitored. If he so much as farts in the wrong direction he will be back inside. It doesn't matter what he does. Anything that breaks a law means he goes back to prison.

The same also applies to his wife and friend. They have been sent down for 17 years but have to serve a minimum of half of it. The same licence applies to them too.

None of them will be allowed near children again, nor will she be allowed to have anymore and keep the child. There lives don't belong to them anymore and rightly so.

Is it enough? It is the most the judge was allowed to give. Nothing will ever be enough for Phillpot and will never bring back the children

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Pride of Lions - 4/4/2013 17:01

It doesn't seem right when he could be let out in about 8 yrs. ...
No he couldn't. Philpott won't be eligible for parole for 15 years. The other two will be eligible in 8 years.

It was a manslaughter charge, not murder, hence these sentences. Frankly he'll be lucky to survive 15 years, can you imagine what treatment he will get from the other prisoners?


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At the end of the day it wasn't murder.

Law of the land states different things for murder/manslaughter. Doesn't make it any better mind.

My first role in the job I'm in involved walking from the nearest train station, past the house to the office. I used to think it was simply a childminder or something as you'd always see open curtains, light on (at 0730) and a ruck of kids + minibus.

I soon learnt the true story.

To then have to walk past that house every day and see the police cordon, the flowers, investigators etc was hideous. Much more so to find out that Mr Philpott was to blame for it all.

The death penalty would be too kind on idiots like him. As long as in 15 years time (if released) the law has changed to stop protecting these monsters (i.e. the Bulger killers) then perhaps justice will be served.