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12 year old girl having treatment on NHS to change sex


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12 year old girl who believes she should be a boy since age of 5 is having various treatments on the NHS which will culminate in a sex change at the age of 18
Very young age to decide on this, but I don't actually want to argue with her right to decide, however I object strongly to it being on the NHS when resources are stretched.

I also object to this at such a young age. The world is full of confused adolecents, let's help them get through this sometimes confusing time before helping them to make rather permanent changes that may well later be regretted.
The parents should not allow this at this stage.

The Fear

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Terrible story. I am sure the doctors (or one would HOPE the doctors) are doing this very slowly, with all the required back up etc.

That said, my experience of docs/surgeons....

Feel desperately sad for these people though, must be a mix up of the chromosomes when born and must be torture really. Same for the parents.

Very sad. Don't feel in any way qualifed re: age but does seem early as obviously she's not reached sexual maturity as yet so not fully developed.

I would imagine there is a hell of a lot to this story though and my thoughts go out to her and her parents.

I certainly don't object to her getting all the help she needs on the NHS, sod knows they waste enough on people who really are just time wasters and malingerers.

Bless her, hope the outcome leads to a happy life for him/her.


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I think it's far too early in her life to be making these kinds of decisions.
Fear, your post is a model of kindness, concern and charity. Good man yerself!