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  1. Holte139

    Other Clubs News Discussion Thread 2

    I'd like to think I'd go and play somewhere if that was me, but at the end of the day it's not his fault he's contracted for the next 3 years on such a high wage. On the other hand, why should he take a pay cut when he'll probably outlast Zidane anyway?!
  2. Holte139

    Other Clubs News Discussion Thread 2

    Fair play to him I say. Zidane's basically been trying to hound him out publicly over the last few weeks, even though 2 of the Champions League wins on his CV came because of him. If nobody else comes in for him he can relax for 3 years on that with nothing to prove. Where do I sign?
  3. Holte139

    The Play Off Final Thread 2019

    Mine came in the post this morning as well, I can't wait already! Only have the away shirt this year but don't really want to wear white against Derby so will wear my claret jacket over it.
  4. Holte139

    Wednesday is D-Day For Villa & FFP - Accounts Expected

    I just don't see how we could be in breach. If you look purely at the losses it looks like we are, but lots of things are 'allowable losses' under the current regulations, meaning that there are things that don't count in FFP calculations. Now that we've seen the accounts for all 3 seasons in...
  5. Holte139

    9 wins.

    Is this thread going to contain 90s music rather than 70s music? :grinning:
  6. Holte139

    Other Clubs News Discussion Thread 2

    So Alex Neil has signed a contract extension at Preston. I would laugh, but I'm sorry to say that I could see Albion going up through the play-offs. They've had 2 cheap coaches as managers, have spent about 70p, the fans are moaning about how crap they are, yet they're still smashing teams and...
  7. Holte139

    Aston Villa Away To Sheff Wednesday Match Thread

    Lovely stuff, getting one over on Brucie. Decent bloke but nauseating media mates and excuses. Had money on us to win 2-1! Oh well, still happy! Apparently Kalinic did his knee on international duty, but will probs be back on the bench either Weds or on Sat.
  8. Holte139

    Season Tickets 2019/20

    Just renewed mine! For anyone who did it online, I'm seeing 3 options now. 2 are for automatic renewal and the cup scheme (nah!) and the other is for a free ticket. Is that for the first home cup game of the season?
  9. Holte139

    Europe In Out Shake it all about

    Interesting that the permanent customs union and second referendum got more votes than May's deal.
  10. Holte139

    The Official Dean Smith Thread

    Interesting that he says we're only allowed 5 loans in a matchday squad and 6 are currently on the books. Who gets left out every game then?
  11. Holte139

    Other Clubs News Discussion Thread 2

    Albion are one of the jammiest clubs around right now. They'll end up with Jokanovic or Wagner, nailed on.
  12. Holte139

    FCG Agenda Questions

    Towards the end of last week I spent 1,050 rewards points on entries into 3 prize draws, the armband signed by James Chester, the signed Villa Monopoly and the signed home shirt. As the draws were due to end within a few days I thought I'd check back to see if I'd won, but I hadn't heard...
  13. Holte139

    The Official Dean Smith Thread

    When MON was appointed we went 9 games unbeaten and then won 4 out of the next 22. Sometimes sticking with a manager works!
  14. Holte139

    Match Thread: Brentford v Aston Villa, Wed 13th Feb, 19:45

    That pace, energy and technique that Brentford had tonight is what Deano will bring, in time, if we stick with him - he helped to create that in the first place, keep the faith!
  15. Holte139

    Other Clubs News Discussion Thread 2

    The amount of goals Sandwell have scored this season that were a result of a handball, dive or offside is staggering. Always thought Blues were the jammiest club in the Midlands but if the Albion go up that mantle will be well and truly taken.
  16. Holte139

    Other Clubs News Discussion Thread 2

    Gotta disagree with the point about female pundits. I'd much rather listen to someone like Alex Scott talk eloquently and knowledgeably about football than listen to the muppets from the old boy's club talk the usual shite and mispronounce player's names.
  17. Holte139

    Wigan Athletic Vs Aston Villa Sat 12th Jan 3pm

    One of the young players that people have been clamouring for to instantly solve all our problems!
  18. Holte139

    Wigan Athletic Vs Aston Villa Sat 12th Jan 3pm

    Fuck me even the Smurf Army beat these. Really troubling stuff in the last few games, maximum points needed from the 2 back-to-back home games to get back on track.
  19. Holte139

    Swansea v Villa, Weds 26th December, 3pm - Match Thread

    Maybe we didn't deserve to win that game, but we didn't deserve to not win against the Albion, swings and roundabouts I guess!
  20. Holte139

    Ken McNaught and the PFA

    I was lucky enough to meet him and Shaun Teale when I was in hospitality for my birthday last year. It was a big surprise and I was so starstruck I could barely talk to them so I bet they think I'm a right idiot! I've got nothing but good things to say about them both, they took the time out to...