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    Retained List

    Loach will have had lots of coaching throughout his professional career so if he still hasn't grasped what is required he never will: he just hasn't quite got the full range of goalkeeping skills. He is an excellent shot stopper but as we all know he struggles with crosses and sometimes cant...
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    Yep we will be targeting higher than mid table but mid table is where we will end up.
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    Great to hear from a fellow supporter of a proper footy team. Pools and Stockport go back a long way and have a lot in common.
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    Agree 100%. What is pizzagate?
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    Release Muir but keep James agree about the other two.
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    Yep I agree though not 100% about Loach. He is a great shot stopper but poor with crosses.
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    FC Halifax

    Nearly right except for the result and the penalty. About time we clawed out a win. I believe that is a double over Halifax, we have very few of those this season.
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    Pools Squad

    We have a "radical overhaul" every summer but we never really get any better. This year's points total is pretty close to last season's despite relative stability off the pitch.
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    Solihull Moors

    Thanks for the report, OP. We tend to struggle against the better performing teams in this League which is why I cant be too optimistic about our chances of promotion next year unless of course we sign some good uns before September. Hignett said they knew what to expect from Solihull today but...
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    Yes we should be ok for this season but the issue is the bigger picture: ie promotion to the Football League preferably next season. We struggle against the better teams in this league so promotion will not happen without changes to playing staff and mental attitude.
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    The Mail writer seems to think it all happened because Frazer Kerr didn't play. Kitchen came in at the last minute who we all know is ok going forward but cant defend. I thought Edgar was meant to be good and they have all been praising Anderson in recent weeks. Hignett said they knew...
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    Thanks for the report OP. Surprised and pleased with the result.
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    A tough game especially as we are at home. I would be happy with a draw but always hoping.
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    Another Midfielder

    Adam Bale signed today, Hoolihan(not sure of spelling) got international clearance, Williams supposedly near to fitness , then we have Featherstone, Ryan Donaldson, Josh Hawkes, Lewis Hawkins, Liam Noble and McGlaughlin out on loan. One more and we would have a full team of midfield players...
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    Another really tough fixture against one of the very best teams in this division. Looks like the wind will be a major factor in this game but I am not sure if it will be a help to us or not. If we are at our best we might get a point but to lose against Fylde is no disgrace. As always I am...
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    I guess some pens you don't get when you should while others go the other way. Seems to me what Luke James lacks in goals he makes up for in penalties awarded from fouls on him.
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    Southall was complaining about the pens saying the ref was influenced by the crowd. I saw the video and certainly the handball looked pretty clear but the second one maybe a bit suspect. I just wondered what Billy thought if he was at the game.
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    Sounds like you were at the match, Billy. What did you reckon to the pens? Were we lucky or did you think they were both stonewall?
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    Pleased to be proved wrong. I just wish we could stop giving the opposition a two goal start before we consider playing.
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    Dover 2-0 just before half time. You wonder how we just cant play at home. First goal was a ball over the top again. How many of those have the Vic faithful witnessed this season?