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  1. Billy the Imp


    Hopefully not!
  2. Billy the Imp

    Rate the ref v Colchester United

    He chose to call the Colchester captain in when he should have given a second yellow card to 2 of their players. So a big fat 0 from me.
  3. Billy the Imp

    Shackell charged.....

    With misconduct for confronting the 4th official after Carlisle sending off!
  4. Billy the Imp

    When 12 points, is not 12 points

    Just like referees the EFL make Rules (laws) as they go along.
  5. Billy the Imp

    Match Thread: Mansfield Town v Lincoln City

    Seems to be able to keep the ball when others can’t.
  6. Billy the Imp

    Match Thread: Mansfield Town v Lincoln City

    Stonewall penalty!
  7. Billy the Imp

    Today’s League 2 thread

    Counting chickens or what? It’s not over until the fat lady sings!
  8. Billy the Imp

    North Ferriby

    Not a businessman the Next!
  9. Billy the Imp

    Mansfail Matters (Not) (Sponsered by Flipflop)

    Seems quite respectful. Bet it’s not now.
  10. Billy the Imp

    Carlisle goal v Notts

    Not offside. But potentially ungentlemanly conduct if he was of the pitch hiding behind the post.
  11. Billy the Imp

    Match Thread: Lincoln City v Oldham Athletic

    One consolation for Oldham is that Paul Scholes is teaching the team how to tackle his way. Oh dear!