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    Score Predictions v Morecambe

    2-0 City
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    Two options for the stadium

    Yep, I a Yes, I agree let’s move forward it will still take 6-8 years to achieve, by then who knows where we could be.
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    Two options for the stadium

    Interesting to see everyone’s opinions and comments, I was reviewing plans to expand, the Compton and Ederitch stands at Lords this morning,increasing the ground capacity by 2,500 seats, at a cost of 50million. I wonder what price expansion would, really cost, a couple of temporary 500 seater...
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    Score Predictions v Cambridge United

    2-0 City
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    Rate the ref v Port Vale (away)

    2 - Too much to say, probably the worst performances by a referee this season.
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    Score Predictions v Port Vale

    0-2 to City