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    Tito Vilanova - RIP

    @FCBarcelona: The FC Barcelona is in immense mourning. Tito Vilanova has died at the age of 45. May he rest in peace
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    My Saturday football fix ?

    With 3 games left on my season ticket and my promise to not go back until Pardew and Ashley leave the club altogether, I need my Saturday football fix. I quite fancy a Northern league type club and since I live in Stanley I would like somewhere local perhaps Consett, Birtley or Durham city...
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    This is one of the best things I have seen on the internet

    The first 4 pictures look ordinary ............the 5th will blow you away
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    Pardews latest quotes !!!!

    "There is half of you that would like to be playing for a trophy or some tangible reward at the end of the season like a European place." “But there’s also that other side where you don’t want to be involved in at the bottom like we were last year and have that stress." “For us, it’s about...
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    The Mag !!!!!!

    Latest Article about Pardew, how can they seriously write this we will never get rid of Ashley and Pardew with "fans" like this, I just feel angry reading it.........!!!!! One of the problems at Newcastle, Carr and Pardew. I loved Cabaye while he was here but the last few non-Newcastle...
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    Season ticket

    I'm jacking it in until Ashley and his cronies are gone, I just can't take any more of having the piss taking out of me and the fact that my £602 goes straight into Ashley's back pocket, rather than invest in the team. I don't want to just cancel my season ticket and walk away without saying...
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    Michael Laudrup sacked

    Pardew out .................................
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    Tonights movie

    The Wolf of Wall Street .................any good ?
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    Please read these reviews (Funniest read ever)

    I posted this link to reviews of Gummy bears on another thread but I just had to let them have there own as irs just too funny not to be shared.
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    Is all SKY tv in HD now ?

    I turned my Sky on this morning and all the channels I normally watch now have HD after them and I can now watch them in full HD, is this just me or everyone ?
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    NFL betting

    I'm not a huge NFL fan but I have taken it up now that X Factor is on a Sunday night and I always enjoy things more if I have a little bet on it. I used this website for tips (Just go with the majority) and I have won for the past 3 weeks, I watch on the Red Zone on...
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    What other fans think of the new season.

    Cant remember when I was this excited at the beginning of a season, not just because of the new signings, but the real feeling of a "project" happening at our beloved spurs. With each purchase, you can see the reasoning behind the purchase and the solid structure of the team improving A Spurs...
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    The best DOF in the world

    So its confirmed, Ashley has brought in the best DOF in the world to make him money, 4 players out and 1 loan signing in. Pardew says nothing and just sits and waits for his payoff, while JFK just struts around like he owns the place. I've never felt so low about a new season in my life and I...
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    Steve Stone out

    Looks like he has been demoted to looking after the kids. Joe has some important meetings and Harford will look for stars in the conference .......................what a joke...
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    Right thats it I'm going to say it..........

    I want Freddy Shepard back.. Yes we will be in loads of dept to the banker (but we are now to a wanker) and yes we will have dreams above our station and try and sign Rooney and Messi, but that is what football should be about. Football shouldn't be about healthy balance sheets and wage caps...
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    Arctic monkeys awful
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    The DOF job

    If we advertised the DOF job before we went for JK eg... Travel the world Watch all the games you want In charge of signing players Get all the credit if the players are good Get none of the flak if there not Would we get any better candidates or is he the best out there
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    Louis Van Gaal confirms he wants to manage in the premier league

    I'll send Ashley a pigeon post hast
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    Kevin Keegan

    On sky sports 1 now absolutely brilliant and he just mentioned Stanley
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    Newcastle falcons

    Just been promoted live on sky now