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  1. Sincilbanks

    Rumours that B-Teams might be proposed again

    Let's hope that all those fine words from Football League clubs turns into votes against should this come to pass...
  2. Sincilbanks

    Cheltenham tickets - this isn't at all frustrating

    After the debacle of me trying to buy a ticket for the Norhampton game with my Imps Membership #, which ended up being a cock up with some sort of administrative process of applying my membership number to the fixture... I now find I can't get a Cheltenham ticket for exactly the same reason...
  3. Sincilbanks

    Totally Football Daily World Cup Podcast - Imps Alert!

    I was driving in on my way to work this morning idly listening to James Richardson et al humorously punning their way through last nights results when... James: You have a theory about England getting their set pieces from Danny Cowley don't you Ian? Ian...Proceeds to describe our corner...
  4. Sincilbanks

    League 1 Finances - plenty to peruse here

    Wages in #League1 vary from £2.8-£13.8million. #BWFC highest but distorted by hotel costs. Average wage bill £6.6 million for a L1 club, It's rough & ready, but average wage in #LeagueOne £135,000 a year or £2,600 a week.
  5. Sincilbanks

    Who says we're just a small team in Lincolnshire

    Kosovo Police force give us their best wishes with a song! Edit: Grammar
  6. Sincilbanks

    Interesting conversation on 5 Live

    Our old mucker Mr Sutton judges his time at Lincoln, sort of...
  7. Sincilbanks

    Sean Raggett v Luton - Norwich Fans View

    Interesting breakdown of his contribution.. Also notable for the phrase: "Lincoln largely dominated the game"
  8. Sincilbanks

    Nice treat on youtube

    This'll give you goosebumps!
  9. Sincilbanks

    Blackpool release 10 players

    Ian Black, Henry Cameron, Luke Higham, John Herron, Dean Lyness, Eddie Nolan, Jack Payne, Jack Redshaw and Macauley Wilson have all been released by newly promoted Blackpool...
  10. Sincilbanks

    Interesting read

    Nothing particularly radical, but does show how hard Danny and Nicky work and also how hard they worked at changing the culture at Lincoln City...
  11. Sincilbanks

    Humble Pie being eaten...

    A couple of humble pie video's... Just putting these here for now as a warning to others who take us too lightly!! "The 8 changes though have meant Joey Barton starting and Steven Defour (arguably our...
  12. Sincilbanks

    Football Ramble

    We got 10 mins at the front of the Football Ramble, very good stuff... Matt Rhead described as "a real weapon" to which one of the others replied.. "A weapon of Matt destruction" Our very own WMD!
  13. Sincilbanks

    Imps on the cover of WSC

    Looks like WSC has it about right.. :)
  14. Sincilbanks

    DC on Non-League show podcast

    This weeks non-league show podcast had an interview with DC at the beginning. Lot's of nice things said about him and the female presenter is clearly a fan! And he used the word process! (but not outcomes or thirds..) :he he:
  15. Sincilbanks

    This is what a Director of Football does

    Great piece on how Southampton punch above their weight despite being stripped of their best players and coaches almost every season "The problem we're trying to solve is that there are rich teams and there are poor teams. Then there's fifty feet of...