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  1. Lemmi

    Cowley Brothers

    Glad to see that they have permanent contracts. I like their style. Some serious squad reformation required, I suspect they already know who they want to keep and who they want to bring in.
  2. Lemmi


    He will be missed.
  3. Lemmi

    Talk next Season

    Is everyone happy about signing Sean Raggett and re-signing Lee Brown. Personally, I am and especially before the proposed salary cap. Apparently we've been losing 700K per month, does these leave anything in the kitty to make more signings? I think Marquis can score goals if he gets the right...
  4. Lemmi

    No more footy for a while methinks

    I hope you are all ok folks. Stay safe and we'll all meet up when the season starts again. I was looking forward to going to Wembley, hopefully it will still happen.
  5. Lemmi

    No more footy for a while methinks

    After that performance on Tuesday I'm rather relieved. At one point on Tuesday it was so farcical I was expecting a small car to drive on the doors fall off.
  6. Lemmi

    Mail article if you have not seen it

    Arsenal disrespected us and the FA Cup, playing the kids. They were undoubtedly talented but an arrogant, classless bunch. We did ok and the atmosphere was great, but I'm not worried about going out, I'm more concerned with Peterborough on Saturday and Fleetwood on Tuesday.
  7. Lemmi

    Lest we forget! Watch this and appreciate progress

    I saw that on Soccer Saturday, maybe we've been rehabilitated with Sky, not with the BBC, but with Sky.
  8. Lemmi

    Tonight against Rochdale who will play?

    Well we won in atrocious conditions, at times I couldn't see anything due to the rain on my glasses!. To be fair, they deserved something out of that game, they played well considering the weather. They could, and possibly should, have had 2 or 3 goals. Still onwards and upwards and, if results...
  9. Lemmi

    MK.. Stuffing needed..

    In the end a good win. Ho hum back to work.
  10. Lemmi

    MK.. Stuffing needed..

    Well that should seal it, unless they have another man sent off:LOL:
  11. Lemmi

    MK.. Stuffing needed..

    With a game in and on Sunderland and another crack at Fleetwood, that could be for the best.
  12. Lemmi

    MK.. Stuffing needed..

    If that's the England Wales score on the 7th I'll be happy.
  13. Lemmi

    MK.. Stuffing needed..

    Could do with a Sunderland equaliser, mind you we have to play Fleetwood at home.
  14. Lemmi

    MK.. Stuffing needed..

    Not able to go to this as I'm at work (not for much longer, last shift Thursday night and redundancy beckons), so following occasionally on line. Have we really only had 33% possession? Still we're up on the only stat that matters!
  15. Lemmi

    Can we cope on three fronts?

    Sunderland well beaten, unfortunately the only 2 games we lost were close rivals. I think this team is now playing as a team, and we have many options. Looking forward to Andy Cannon back in the team as I think he gives us that little bit extra, he should have been MOTM on several occasions but...
  16. Lemmi

    Important match Saturday.. Fleetwood

    Nil Desperandum! I'm sure we can beat both MK (I won't call them the Dons as they are not) and Rochdale. Arsenal will be a distraction but a useful learning curve ready for Peterborough, Rotherham and Fleetwood again in the next few weeks. We're still not far off top spot and I think we can...
  17. Lemmi

    Can we cope on three fronts?

    I'm looking forward to another Wembley trip personally. I'd like us to do the double, another win at Wembley would do wonders for the team. We only really lost out last year to some bad results after we lost Ben Thompson, so being in the position we are now, with only 6 points separating us...
  18. Lemmi

    Before I go

    I've been somewhat busy as of late and haven't really had the time to comment on here. I may well be less busy come the end of February, unless I get another job:yes: Having said that, I think things are going well, we're picking up points, the team is gelling and as it's so close in this league...
  19. Lemmi

    New Signings

    Ok folks, Matt Clarke‘s gone, so what’s everyone’s thoughts on our new signings? Anyone else you’d like to see?
  20. Lemmi

    Say Hi !

    Hi Dedmans