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  1. Lemmi

    New Signings

    Ok folks, Matt Clarke‘s gone, so what’s everyone’s thoughts on our new signings? Anyone else you’d like to see?
  2. Lemmi

    I've never been so......

    've just received an email from MK Dons with a customer number to allow me to buy tickets! WTF! This must come from 2 years ago when the only way to get an away ticket was through their site. Bastards! Do they think that they'll be able to steal other club's fans in the same way they stole other...
  3. Lemmi

    Jamo declares bankruptcy

    Jamo has declared himself bankrupt.
  4. Lemmi

    Andy Awford

    The official site has now confirmed as Manager.
  5. Lemmi

    Anyone see this? I can't believe they did this. So that's why the FEVER thread was started, it was a trap. I wonder if the Chief Constable has shares in the place! Was it 70s...