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  1. ayamonte

    Hmmm...... SUFC Live

    So my intended one-off payment of £4.50 for a monthly audio pass has now been automatically updated and payment taken for another one. Probably my fault for not reading the fine print - but not impressed nonetheless.
  2. ayamonte

    Chelski v Norwich

    Watching this game reminds me how relieved I am not to have to watch us getting the same treatment in the Prem any longer. Different class - uneven playing field in terms of budgets - think these games should be handicapped in future to make them fairer .........otherwise we need a superleague...
  3. ayamonte

    Who's Going.....

    On Saturday? Interesting to see what the crowd will be and would hope we would get around 25K? Brum have sold their allocation out. The 8.00 pm kick off has put me off this time, but it won't be long....does anyone have an update on the Copthorne situation?
  4. ayamonte

    Where's Rod?

    Not seen him on here for a while - hope he's ok........
  5. ayamonte


    Morning all - quiet day here on the Census Helpline.............just checking you've all done them by now :yes:
  6. ayamonte

    Website Buffs Out there?

    Sos for posting this here............but just incase anybody knows enough to comment. We are having our website redesigned/developed, and the developer doing it created a sub-domain of the current site to do the work on. Last Saturday night the whole thing crashed - and so we now have neither...
  7. ayamonte


    is with us.............let's keep it moving
  8. ayamonte

    Who's got Lescott??

    Classic Warnock - got to love him
  9. ayamonte

    Fans to be Allowed back in

    A maximum of 4,000 and only in lower tier areas. But its a start - and hopefully hopefully Sheffield is over the worst now. It won't be me, but I hope those that get in are 100% behind the team in these difficult times - can we vet them for booing likelihood??
  10. ayamonte

    FSV Mainz

    Like us, only have 1 point so far this season - from 7 games though. I share sent a message of solidarity and support to their fans - we should stand firm together in this predicament. They are my new German team. They sound like a fun bunch: Mainz is known for being one of the three...
  11. ayamonte

    In Wilder we trust........

    ...........oops that should say : In Wilder we used to trust From Champions league hopefuls to complete no hopers in 10 games.........that's pretty impressive
  12. ayamonte

    Paul Lancaster

    Remember him? Defender I think, dark hair. Any thoughts?
  13. ayamonte

    Good News

    Despite the media's weak attempts to give us half a hope this season, the Times has Deano in goal for our predicted teamsheet for Monday. They are still not taking us seriously :wahey::LOL:
  14. ayamonte

    Sleep Remedy

    If anybody needs the above, switch on the England match this afternoon..............they really are so dreary to watch
  15. ayamonte


    Sat in the car driving back from Cornwall in the wind and rain....and Club Foot has just come on. Instant memories of midweek matches under the floodlights in March sat in the BLUT and the anticipation and excitement that that song stirs when it comes on. Cant wait to return to The...
  16. ayamonte

    By eck its Heckingbottam Paul Heckingbottom newly appointed as Under 23 Head Coach.........hopefully this is good news......
  17. ayamonte


    ................results against London's big 3: Chelsea - Drew away , Won 3-0 at home Spurs - Drew away, Won 3-1 at home Arsenal - Drew away, Won 1-0 at home :bow::bow::bow:
  18. ayamonte

    The Cup is Back too

    Weekend of 26th/27th June............... our cup overfloweth :wahey:
  19. ayamonte

    We need more George Baldock's in this country

    Quote from his interview with Henry Winter in the Times today "....I can only tell you what the lads at Sheffield United are saying. We've had discussions in group chats. I've not seen one person say they don't want to play. It's football, it's what we do. Its devastating what's been going...
  20. ayamonte


    Love Hendo but fed up with continually reading/hearing that whilst he's ok for us, he's not 'ready' for ManU yet.......are they in a different league to us? And on the same subject my Man U friend always thinks its necessary to give me a blow by blow account of each players performance every...